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DLM Town Planning provides a wide range of town planning services throughout Bayswater and Knox City Council.

The enigmatic town planner explained.

As the Director of DLM Town Planning I am a qualified town planner.  I am often asked what is a town planner and what does a town planner do?

What is a Town Planner?

A town planner is also referred to as a Development, Urban or Statutory Planner.  I prefer the more commmonly used historical term ‘town planner’. As a member of the  plannning profession we belong to a cohort of professionals such as Strategic, Urban Designer, Transport and Environmental Planners concerned with the development and design of land use and the built environment.

The planning profession develop policy, plans and programs for the use of land to create communities, accommodate growth or revitalize facilites in urban and regional areas.

At a strategic level a town planner can be involved in the process of laying out future  land use plans, but this is generally the role of many other members of the planning profession.

So what does a Town Planner do?

The principle role of the town planner put simply is to prepare or assess town planning applications.  Town planners mostly submit development/land use applications as consultants or assess applications as a town planner employed by local government and under special circumstances by the state government.

Town planners are generalist with a diverse knowledge of the development industry.  We balance the aspirations of landowners and developers with the needs and concerns of the community and the policy framework which in Victoria is set out in a statutory document called a “Planning Scheme”.

At DLM Town Planning we specialise in helping our diverse range of clients obtain planning consent from local government in the shortest possible timeframe.  We work closely with clients and design consultants to prepare and co-ordinate the preparation of plans, planning reports and other supporting documentation for the submission of a comprehensive town planning application.

We take a proactive approach throughout the planning process by liaising and maintaining open communication with local Council and other stakeholders.  Our focus is to facilitate the smooth running of the project by presenting realistic solutions to planning roadblocks so the best possible outcome can be achieved for our clients in a timely manner.